Our passion and expertise is major mass participation sports events

We believe that the challenge of a mass participation event provides the inspiration people need to get and stay active.

We’ve been creating and delivering major mass participation events for over 40 years.  Over that time, our team has developed unrivaled specialist expertise in major event delivery.  Today we are the UK’s biggest mass participation sports business.  We’ve cheered over 4.7m runners, swimmers and cyclists across our finish lines.

Every year we inspire over 250,000 people to take part in major events across the UK.

Great Run

We are the owners and operators of the Great Run Series, including the Great North Run (the world’s biggest half-marathon).

Great Swim

The Great North Swim is the UK’s biggest open-water swimming event, with 8,000 participants each year.

Event Delivery

We offer a broad range of knowledge and experience in mass participation sports events and campaigns.

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We’ve created a nationwide series of events based on the successful formula of the Great North Run

Events take place in 6 locations between May-October each year:

  • Great Scottish Run, Glasgow
  • Great Manchester Run
  • Great North Run, Newcastle-Gateshead
  • Great Birmingham Run
  • Great Bristol Run
  • Great South Run, Portsmouth




We have a wide range of partnership opportunities on a national, regional or event by event basis.

Our partners are vital to our on-going development and we are keen to work with brands.  We can help you meet your individual brand objectives and tell your own brand story through our broad range of communications channels; TV broadcasts, e-communications, social media and on the day event activation.

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We have a wide range of opportunities on a national, regional or event by event basis.
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